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We are Brasil

Over the past 30 years Brasil has been undergoing changes that have been crafting a new Brazilian identity.

Our inspiring diversity combined with the collaborative spirit of our people, has placed this giant in a privileged place anywhere from from technology to arts, making it one of the most influential and innovative countries in the world.

So come join us and meet our Brasil, with an S, like we know it, like the world is starting to know it.


  • Guto Requena

    Guto Requena

    Achitect Master in urban planning and architecture

  • Maurício arruda

    Maurício arruda

    Achitect, urban planner, set and product designer

  • Cristiana Arcangeli

    Cristiana Arcangeli

    Fashion entrepreneur and communications expert

  • Alexandre Herchcovitch

    Alexandre Herchcovitch

    World-acclaimed runway fashion designer

  • Alex Atala

    Alex Atala

    One of the most influential chefs in the world


  • Amazonia Viva

    Beauty from the Amazon

  • Amazoo

    Natural Energy

  • Art da Terra

    Natural Sophistication

  • Ateliê

    Spicy Style

  • Aurora

    Sparkling Success

  • Baggio

    Quality and Innovation

  • Banzai Studio

    We Heart Art

  • Bauducco

    An Italian tradition

  • Beautyin

    Beauty from within

  • Beī

    The Art of Print

  • Braskem

    Green Plastic

  • Camocim

    Organic by Nature

  • Catupiry

    Better than Cream Cheese

  • CocoSamba

    Straight from the coconut

  • Doisélles

    Fashion Reform

  • Emana

    Shaping Denim

  • Embraer

    Innovations in Travel

  • Garibaldi

    Modern Family

  • Havaianas

    On the right foot

  • Alexandre Herchcovich

    Modern Classic

  • Inhotim

    A World of Art

  • Louloux

    From Trash to Treasure

  • Maria Oiticica

    Redefining Resources

  • Maricota

    Proud to be from Minas

  • Melissa

    Plastic Dreams

  • Miolo

    Leading Good Taste

  • Moovexx

    Move Freely

  • Mundial Impala

    More Than Just Nail Polish

  • Natural Fashion

    Working With and Not Against

  • Novo Fogo

    Brazilian Zen

  • O2 Filmes

    Scene Stealers

  • SOB

    Creative Constrtuction

  • Salton

    Aging with Class

  • Samba

    A Highly Revered Snack

  • URock

    Rocking Design

  • Valduga

    Unforgetable Taste

  • Weber Haus

    Southern Craft

  • Stefanini

    The Right Choice for your Business